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Protect your home during monsoon showers

The Monsoon is here and raindrops have been pouring in your city for quite some time now. The rains are the most pleasant climate of all. During this season of sudden downpours not only do you need to have a bottle of scotch at home but you also might need to consider an umbrella important at all times if preferred to go outdoors. Wait, did you forget something? How about protecting your homes? Isn’t that equally important?

Here are a few interesting tips to keep your homes dry and safe when it’s raining cats and dogs outside –

The first and foremost thing that needs to be paid attention is the roof of your house. Make sure you call the expert and get your roof thoroughly checked before Monsoon arrives or if you do know how to fix it yourself, and then well go ahead but make sure you don’t break some bones. You do not want water patches to appear on your ceiling and give you nightmares after the first spell of rain itself.


So when the rains are about to descend from the heavens, making sure you check your drainage system is important. Make sure that the rain gutters are installed in the opposite direction of your house and have a proper outlet. This way you can avoid waking up to knee deep water inside your house. Also ensure that the water from your drains do not get inside your house.

Another way to keep your home dry during the Monsoon season is painting your homes at least once in every five years. Get suggestions from experts on to which paint to rely on, and get the best one that adheres the harsh rainy climates as well. When the exterior of the walls become wet due to the rains, cracks result in water seeping into one’s homes.

Also before the rainy season comes in, make sure that you get those cracks filled in your walls before Monsoon. You don’t want your homes to be filled with Monsoon rains after all. So, make sure you get your homes tested for termites. If you have wooden flooring in your homes, you need to be extra careful during Monsoon.


Because when it rains, wooden floors and doors absorb more moisture from the air; to avoid this you can apply wax. During Monsoon, you should also try not using carpets in your homes. Keep your floors free from bigger rugs. Use bamboo or rubber mats that can absorb water easily instead of the ones made with cloth.

Rains can bring you happiness and make your mind soothing and relaxed. Meanwhile they can also be expensive if not cared for your home properly. Take into consideration the above mentioned tips and enjoy a clean, dry and disease free home. We wish you a happy monsoon!

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