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Water for life

Water does not flow quietly and freely anymore. It has become a scarce commodity everywhere at this rate of global warming, and a cause of dispute between neighbors, districts, states, and nations. A severe water crisis is imminent, if people fail to make water conservation a habit, a part of their daily life. In all the major cities of India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and Chennai, there is a severe water crisis. This shortage of water is especially acute during the summer months of the year.

People living in a gated community are at an advantageous position to adopt an environment friendly lifestyle, which incorporates water conservation measures. The managing committee can play an important role in initiating collective measures of water conservation. This can impact not just the apartment complex, but the society in general.

There are lots of innovative methods of water conservation that apartment complexes can adopt. Here are some of them:

Taking water conservation on the agenda as priority – Residents can keep water conservation as a main agenda on the monthly meetings, and set aside some time to discuss lifestyle changes that can save water. The group emails, notice boards, and club house bulletin board can be used to share information about water conservation or some nice innovative art work that portrays the same. Encourage neighbors and residents to become environment friendly, and go green.

Rainwater harvesting is a must – Rainwater harvesting is a system of directly collecting rainwater on a surface on which it falls, such as rooftops, and saving it for later use. This water collected is clean and need not be treated before using for non-drinking purposes. When stored in tanks, rainwater can be a safe water source for periods of water scarcity.

Grey-water usage – Grey-water refers to water from the non-toilet plumbing systems, such as wash basins, washing machines, showers etc. One of the popular water recycling method is creating a plumbing system to collect the grey-water from all the apartments, and using it for non-potable water requirements, such as washing cars, watering plants, and toilet flushing.

So get responsible, make every drop count and save water not just for you but for our future generations as well.

Making of your definer home – uncut

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Our dreams of keeping your necessities close and your family even closer to build you that future house starts with Definer. Providing a safe and secure environment for your family to grow and nurture is a big task, but with an ecosystem where your family gets all safety and can reach out for all life conveniences is right here at Budhigere.

Choosing the right home

You can choose from extraordinary apartments to independent villa living keeping your budget in mind and also a balance of both luxury and necessity that are provided with all required facilities and amenities at Definer. Maintenance of living space, safety and security are kept as priority so that you live happily ever after.

Your dream home

Shelling out too much money for a luxury apartment is no more an easy thing to do today. Blame it on recession or on the increasing real estate demand. These factors have sure shattered hopes of an own home for many. But there is still hope left.

Keeping an Indian’s average earnings in mind, we see to it that your dreams are translated into luxury apartments at super affordable prices.


A dream home isn’t much fun if it is cut off from the rest of the world. So the focus area here is connectivity. Choosing a place that is very well linked to basic places like schools, supermarkets, bus stands, hospitals and metro stations should be on the priority list before investing.

We do see to it that your dream home is exactly as it is stated above.


We ensure that you don’t just own a home but gain much more with this purchase. Lots of greens, indoor courts, swimming pools, super marts, club houses, doctors on call, uninterrupted power, 24×7 security, hassle free water supply etc. are for sure on the watch. Definer stands as an environment where you find better people and your kids a better future.