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Migrating to a new home – DeFINER


New corporate settlement at the IT city could turn out to be a nightmare if not followed a rulebook. This one couple who had a recent shift to DeFINER Homes, share their experience and a checklist to acquire a beautiful home.

Inner space and vastu

Low budget homes come with less or no movement space. The build quality has to be kept in mind and should have considerable free moving space to keep all your requirements and supplies. Here DeFINER has mastered the rule to have the best in class floor plan. Vastu plays an important role in many Indian families along with the right floor space. At DeFINER we ensure our customers have the right level satisfaction of owning a house which is built keeping in mind the vastu and a spacious home overall.

Approval and government certifications

The Builder needs to have the land, government authorized to avoid land disputes on ownership. Getting clear papers for your dream house is now possible with DeFINER leaving you stress free about building that first Big Home. Investments plans and payment procedures are explained well by our experts. We are also the proud winners of the Bench Mark Builders of the Year 2015, which makes us one of the top in the business.

Definer location and services

DeFINER has over 90+ projects all over Bangalore with lot of affordability options. Projects have lot of options to choose from. Their ranges vary from fully customized apartments with good floor space to luxury based apartments with great amenities according to your requirements. Projects keep in mind travel time between major places and connecting routes making it more accessible and convenient for both you and your loved ones.

Affordability for corporate living

Corporate living and the busy lifestyle with a constrained budget keeping both your necessity and luxury at balance is cutting down on expenses to save up for a bigger dream.  Shelter has always been a man’s first few existential needs. Refining the small details to serve better hospitality standards is DeFINER way of approaching real-Estate.

Pleasant experience to share with your loved ones

Being a part of the DeFINER ventures is a promised happy ending. DeFINER is engineered to Co-existence and to build you a classy lifestyle in an harmonious environment.